What is the NovoTHOR Red Light Therapy?

NovoTHOR® is a completely safe and all-natural whole body Red Light Therapy wellness device. Using Red and Near Infrared light efficiently and effectively to stimulate certain processes in your body to achieve relief, enhancement and more.

Using Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a treatment that stimulates natural cellular processes. When the right wavelength at the right intensity is used at the correct anatomical location for the right amount of time you can stimulate repair, resolve inflammation and reduce pain. Red light therapy uses a combination of red and near-infrared light to activate a number of biological processes.

Since the beginning of life on this planet, light has been the fundamental element to any and all of life’s functions and further evolution. The importance of light is often taken for granted, but nevertheless it remains substantial.

Light can stimulate or inhibit cellular function according to its intensity and the time applied.

Today’s technological advancements have made it possible to reproduce the benefits of light in simple treatments. Lasers and LEDs produce intense beams of light at specific wavelengths.

NovoTHOR® treats the whole body, from your head to your toes, all at once in  12-15 minutes. One of the primary mechanisms is the release of ATP, leading to improved cellular function.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Treat the Source of the pain

NovoThor® is FDA approved for PAIN RELIEF. NovoThor actually relaxes and redevelops muscles, relieving the pain at the source.

Top 3 most reasons for use

[+] Pain Relief
[+] Faster Recovery
[+] Improve athletic Performance

More Benefits

[+] Reduced joint pain and inflammation
[+] Wound healing
[+] Improved healing and recovery times
[+] Energy increase at the highest available level
[+] Improved muscle performance
[+] Restoration of motion to joints

Even More Benefits

[+] Redevelop muscles
[+] Relaxation of muscles andrelief from muscle spasms
[+] Enhanced athletic performance
[+] Improved skin tone and texture
[+] Fading of scars and stretch marks
[+] Increased weight loss
[+] Anti-aging
[+] Look better and feel younger